The philosophy at Dressler's Restaurants is simple: Everyone who walks through our doors is either already a friend, or will be. By embracing that theory, the Dressler's know that every guest will have exceptional service, outstanding food and hopefully will know that whenever they walk into a Dressler's, that they are coming home. To ensure that that philosophy saturates the restaurants, Jon and Kim have hired the best management team in the city who in turn have selected the most experienced and diligent service staff possible. In addition, by having a local Chef, Jon and Kim know that they have a handle on the culinary pulse of the city, offering regional favorites all the while making sure that every diner can find that "one dish" that makes the dining out experience worth while.

Ultimately, every day can be a day of new beginnings and celebration. When considered like that, it is always best to share those occasions with friends, and doesn't it make sense to experience those days at a place where you are already considered a friend? Come to Dressler's, whether for a casual dinner, a party, a business meeting or just those days where you need to get away, because after all, you will be coming home.

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