Meet the Dressler's

You could say that Jon and Kim Dressler have created their lives from the Charlotte restaurant scene, literally. Although they both had extensive restaurant backgrounds before coming to Charlotte, it was not until they met working at one of Charlotte's iconic steakhouse chains that their future was laid out for them. In the 15 years since, they have had one common goal: To create their own legendary establishment that would combine the best of everything they had learned along with their joint passion of eating well, laughing often and living long. This pervasive theme was finally brought home to the diners of the Lake Norman area in 2003 with the opening of Dressler's in the new Birkdale Village. Instantly, Dressler's became that classic restaurant where guests could revel in warm ambiance, dine sumptuously all the while feeling like they had been invited in to Kim and Jon's living room as part of the family.

For the next 7 years Jon and Kim worked fastidiously to make sure that they were staying true to their goal, making great friends and becoming an integral part of the Lake Norman community. In 2010, knowing that they were on track and had a winning formula, it was time to expand their vision. The second location for the couple, Dressler's Metro, opened in February of 2010. A stones throw from uptown on King's drive newly completed greenway, Dressler's Metro not only offers the strengths of the Birkdale location, but unquestionable has the best view of Charlotte a diner could ask for. Kim's eye for color and detail makes one feel like they are walking into the facet of a jewel, all the while truly showcasing the city with an enormous outdoor casual dining area that encourages one to sit, and stay, and stay some more. As with the original restaurant the atmosphere is one of warmth and family, with Jon wandering the dining room taking the personality of the scene to the next level with his witticisms and his never ending humorous stories.

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